Guilty Pleasure 6: Only Fools and Horses

Georgina Spittle 5 November 2013

I can sing the theme tune and I’ve probably seen every episode, but the reason this is my guilty pleasure is because I really dislike the programme. Keep with me, I’ll explain this contradiction. 

Only Fools and Horses is, perhaps, my dad’s favourite television programme. Growing up it was on constantly; most of the time it was the same episode, the favourites as it were. It was no secret in my house that I disliked the programme, I moaned when it was on and usually tried to turn it over; I was called a snob when it came to my television preferences. 

Despite this, and with the help of BBC One scheduling it for daytime TV over the past couple of years, I’ve grown to accept, and even enjoy Only Fools and Horses though it breaks my heart to say so. I’ll put it on when I’m home alone if there’s nothing else on, I’ll find it funny, and I can even now give a comprehensive list of my favourite episodes. It’s my guilty pleasure because I feel that I have betrayed myself; but hey, by this time next year we might be millionaires.