Guilty Pleasure 7: America’s Next Top Model

Hilary Samuels 15 November 2013

Although by Cycle 20 America’s Next Top Model has essentially become a complete joke (with ‘short girl’ cycles, themes such as ‘smize’, ‘tooch your booty’ and the endless insanity streaming from Tyra Banks’ mouth), there is something endless entertaining about watching people try to explain how having useless sob stories such as ‘my Dad was a janitor’ should somehow entitle them to win.

This Cycle has been a particular highlight for me. The whole joy of watching ANTM is the house drama (combined with the ridiculous photo-shoots that would never happen in real life), which has been, as Tyra would say ‘taken to a whole new level’ by the introduction of guys.

I sincerely doubt anyone watches ANTM to seriously find future models. Out of the 268 former contestants, not one has actually turned into a ‘supermodel’ by anyone’s standards, and the prizes have dropped from contracts with IMG and covers of ‘Beauty in Vogue’ to ‘being the face of ANTM perfume’. Instead, it continues to gain viewers through its bizarre and hilarious alternative reality. If you’re not convinced, try this ANTM-related tumblr, and it will all become clear: