Halloween for Hipsters

Stevie Hertz 30 October 2014

Traditional Halloweens (that is, the tradition from time immemorial of getting drunk while wearing household objects that attempt to pass for a costume) can be great fun. But with Halloween on a Friday this year, there’s all weekend to celebrate, not just a single, glow-in-the-dark-face-paint-fuelled night snatched from the abyss of supervisions and free-floating angst. It’s time to try something new. Here are a few ideas for a fabulous alternative Halloween:

Harry Potter Halls

With candle light and gowns by default, formal has already left King’s Cross and is on its way to Hogwarts. Lots of colleges offer Halloween formals, but if yours doesn’t, gather some friends, find a stick to serve as a wand and maybe mix a butterbeer-based cocktail and you can have a great night without leaving college.

Positive Trick or Treating

Instead of knocking on doors asking for sweets, a growing trend is to pick a cause (hopefully a spooky one – there must be a charity for Transylvanian bats) and knock on doors asking for donations. Instead of sick, heavy feeling of eating too much chocolate, you get the warm feeling of helping the world (and if you miss the queasy feeling, you can always have a smug chocolate fest afterwards).

Hold a college game of Humans vs. Zombies

Like ‘it’, but played over a week or so, humans vs. zombies – especially played at night – can make anyone paranoid and terrified (in a fun way). Everyone, except one zombie, whose identity is secret, begins as a human. The zombie can transform the humans by tagging them. But, if the zombies don’t tag a human at least once every 48 hours, they starve to death. Humanity wins if all the zombies starve to death, but the zombies are victorious if all the humans are converted. Like childhood crossed with your worst nightmares come true.

Count the number of weeks until exams

Because that’s terrifying