Helmets save lives, so why do so few cyclists bother?

Jessy Ahluwalia 21 November 2013

Be responsible.” It’s never been a sentence that fills people with excitement, has it? Responsible is boring, and being sensible is just social suicide. While this may be the case, I would happily be boring, dull and whatever else if it meant I was actually alive to be those things.
The fact of the matter is, helmets save lives. On building sites you’re told to wear protective helmets and earmuffs; police on duty wear suitable clothing for the nature of their task; so why do cyclists not do the same?
Imagine if you had been hit full on by a car; as much as you’d
like to blame the driver, it’s not unlikely that actually you took a silly risk on your bike because you’re late for a supervision. Put yourself in the position of the driver. Think of the guilt caused, and the fact that a helmet could have simply resulted in the cyclist walking away from the scene.
I’m not asking you to encase yourself in bubble wrap here; I’m just asking you to wear a helmet. It may result in flattened hair, it might not match your shoes, but I can almost certainly guarantee that you would put those things aside if it meant you’d be protected from a major head injury.
Those road safety talks at school started somewhere, from a mother who lost a son, or a sister whose twin has brain damage; whatever the reason, it could happen to you. So buckle up, and make sure it doesn’t.