History Faculty announces closure of its café

Caithlin Ng 29 April 2017

The History Faculty has recently announced the closure of their café, which adjoins the Junior Combination Room, citing low demand as the grounds for its decision.

The café has been forced to compete with other eating outlets on the Sidgwick site, including the ARC Café, Faculty of Law Café, and The Buttery. The greater popularity of these cafés with History students has impacted the History Faculty’s own one, subsequently threatening its feasibility.

In an email to students and staff, Dr Lawrence Klein, Chair of the Faculty, wrote: “This change has been a long time in coming. The financial viability of the café has long been questionable, despite various consultations with students and efforts to improve the service over the years.

“The café has been a drain on resources that we have decided would be much better spent in other ways that benefit all those who use the Building. I know that this will inconvenience some of you, but I hope you will understand the necessity for this decision.”

The Junior Combination Room will continue to operate as usual, functioning as a space for students to work and socialise.