Holocaust survivor visiting Cambridge

Will Bennett 23 January 2018

On Holocaust Memorial Day this Saturday, Holocaust survivor Eva Clarke will be giving her testimony in the Palmerston Room of St John's College Cambridge.

Clarke was born in an Austrian concentration camp on 29th April 1945.  She was the second child her parents had while imprisoned.  The first, although he wasn't taken by the Gestapo, died of pneumonia when he was two months old.

Clarke's father was shot a few months before she was born and just weeks before Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he was being held, was liberated.  He had been deported from Terezin where he had been forced to work for three years – his wife followed him the next day but he died before the two met again.  

Her mother worked for the first 6 months of her pregnancy while still imprisoned, and gave birth on an open cart with no medical assistance. She had gone into labour after the shock she had on arriving at Mauthasen concentration camp.

When the war was over, Clarke and her mother returned to Prague where they lived before the war.  There she married Clarke's stepfather and got married in 1948. The pair moved to the UK later that year, where Eva has had two sons. Clarke often speaks at schools about her mother's experiences.

More information about the talk can be found on the Facebook event.