Homerton June Event

19 June 2008

Based around the theme of a Full Moon party on a Vietnamese beach, Homerton’s June Event was certainly colourful. With the dress code informal, nu-rave t-shirts, neon face-paint, and a mass of free glo-sticks helped the event to break out from the black-tie norm.Luminescent green and red cocktails greeted guests as they arrived, complementing the bright and garish fun of the surroundings. But, considering this was a rather intimate affair with no more than a few hundred in attendance, at times it felt as though the booze had been somewhat under-ordered. Long and tedious queues awaited anyone hoping for a drink. The outside bar was drunk dry within what felt like just a couple of hours, while the inside bars had been reduced to beer, or variations upon gin or vodka with juice mixers by the time I got to the front of the queue, just before midnight. But apart from one criminally unfunny comedian, the difficulties involved in obtaining a decent drink proved to be my sole major gripe of the evening.Two members of Foals doing an unpublicised DJ set provided the surprise big names of the night. But the smaller acts that I saw were no less enjoyable.The acoustic stage, situated in front of a miniature make-shift Thai beach built from shipped-in sand, was a particular highlight early on in the evening, providing a place to chill out and relax. The nightclub constructed inside the Great Hall meant that there was always a place to wave a glo-stick when in need of a dance, while a live music tent and more DJs in the bar completed the range of musical entertainment.Food followed the Thai theme by and large, and the portions of green curry and stir-fry provided were ideal for snacking on throughout the evening. Later on a hog roast and an ice cream stall also helped ensure that nobody went hungry. The Event’s small size and sense of fun made this a great night out, with good food and good ents only slightly let down by a lack of available alcohol.