Hot tub health hazard

Jonathan Laurence 13 October 2007

Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) Ents were forced to cancel plans for a hot tub party in Ballare amid worries about health and safety.

Cambridge’s official number one party animal Ed Foster said that he “would rather be cautious” where the well-being of students was concerned, pointing out that poor weather conditions could pose an electrocution risk with all the hot tub cables. He left The Cambridge Student (TCS) in no doubt that to him “the safety of students is paramount”.

It was up to Foster to save the night by slapping on a £1 drinks offer to appease disgruntled party-goers eager for some hot tub action.

After one Christ’s student told TCS about “grisly horror stories with people losing eyes at foam parties”, we quizzed Foster about the potential ocular risks. TCS also grilled him on such other potential foam party pitfalls as skin irritation, credit card damage and groping.

Foster provided reassurance that last week’s foam party was put on by big hitters in the recreational foam industry, who “put on events in a variety of student unions and clubs across the country”. He was quick to point out that CUSU Ents “does everything possible to make sure that no-one loses an eye” at their club nights.

We also received stern assurances that no forthcoming CUSU Ents were likely to pose serious health and safety risks – with the possible exception of to Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy, if overenthusiastic devotees to the Aussie soap “mob the stage”.

When not performing risk assessments or angsting about student welfare, Foster says that he enjoys his time in Cambridge immensely. Confident that freshers’ week has been “the best ever”, he told us that he was greatly looking forward to the rest of the year’s events. These include a visit by Barry from Eastenders, and a Harry Potter Halloween party.

The hot tub party has been re-scheduled for some time at the end of Lent term, or at the start of Easter.

Jonathan Laurence