House of Lords votes to cut ties between Teaching Excellence Framework and fee rises

Joanna Taylor 6 March 2017

The House of Lords has passed an amendment to cut ties between the Teaching Excellence Framework and University Fees in a move which CUSU President Amatey Doku has described as "a major defeat" for the Government. 

The vote, which passed 263-211, comes after months of campaigning from CUSU and other students' unions across the country calling on finalist students to boycott the National Student Survey. 

The boycott, which was initiated by the NUS, was organised to protest government increasing university fees based on data gathered from the NSS such as student satisfaction and the quality of their course. 

Ties between the TEF and the NSS remain the same, however, and as such CUSU sabbaticals continue to call on students to boycott the survey. 

In an update on Facebook, Roberta Huldisch, the current CUSU Education Officer, said: “We're not sure what exactly this will mean yet in practice but THIS right here is what NUS can do for you and what CUSU can do for you if we stick together as a national movement and use the power we have as students.”

In an update posted to the new Facebook group 'Amatey Doku 4 VP Higher Education', Doku commented: "This is evidence of what we can achieve when we work together through a wide range of tactics, campaigning and lobbying.

"If the government listens to the Lords, the real challenge begins."

This article was amended on 07/03/17 and previously stated incorrectly that ties had been cut between the NSS and TEF.