How to do: A Simple Spooky Skull

Olivia Galvin 31 October 2013

Are you stuck for Halloween costume ideas? Some white face paint, a black lipstick and eyeliner, plus a cheap brush or sponge can transform you into a spooky sensation in under half an hour! Spent too long in the library? Try painting only a single half of your face for a hint of Halloween in fifteen minutes!

1) Start stippling white paint over your face with a damp brush.

2) Let this dry for around two minutes, then add layers until opaque.

3) Draw a jagged circle with the black eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye all the way around to where your brow ends. Fill it in with the eyeliner.

4) Draw an eyeliner triangle on the tip of your nose.

5) Draw a thick line with the eyeliner running just underneath your own cheekbone (pout to find them!). The line should go down from the top of your ear to just before the corner of your mouth.

6) Draw a second line an inch below the first, so it sits just above the jaw. Fill in the outline with eyeliner.

7) Make sure the outline on your bottom lip is a little bit thicker, fill in the corners of your mouth too.

8) Outline your lips with the eyeliner and then draw evenly spaced lines diagonally down.

9) Rub a black lipstick over a brush or sponge and fill in the eye socket outline with it. The lipstick is highly pigmented, so the colour carries impact with little effort. The glossier finish adds a deeper dimension to the look.

10) Fill in the cheekbone hollow keeping the colour darkest by your ears. Keep a colour gradient by decreasing the pressure on the eyeliner as you get closer to the mouth.

11) To finish the skull, draw a line along the edges of your face (or half face) with the eyeliner.

12) Wear an all-black outfit and safety pin bits of white paper cut out to look like bones onto your clothes.

There you have it – spookalicious!