How to get a chocolate hangover: the definitive guide to Easter chocolates

Chase Smith 4 April 2015

Easter is here, and for many, this is less about Calvary and more about Cadbury. Yes – that’s right – it’s time to start your chocolate-fest. The choice is vast and the struggle is real, but luckily TCS is here to eat our way through calories so you don’t have to (theoretically). We’ve sampled Britain’s favourite Easter chocolates, and are back with the definitive results:

Cadbury’s Crème Egg

Let’s start with a classic. I personally hate Crème Eggs, since they taste of foul sugary stickiness, but my assistant declares his egg to be ‘nice’. 6/10, apparently.

Image: Peter aka anemoneprojectors via Flickr

Cadbury’s Caramel Egg

This is a beautiful invention.

Size: useful, can be eaten in one enthusiastic bite, or more enjoyed more slowly. A single egg fits nicely into the palm of your hand. However, this small shape can be difficult to manage on the Sainsbury’s self-scanner (I speak from bitter experience).

Ingredients: total caramel immersion is divine. However, the nature of this treat is such that it can all get very sticky very quickly. The wrapping can fall in the caramel and suddenly you’re eating foil and it’s all going wrong. On the whole, wonderful, but with some inevitable downsides. 9/10

Lee McCoy via FlickrImage: Lee McCoy via Flickr

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

These are yummy – who can deny? The crunch of the sugar coating contrasts deliciously with the softer chocolate inside. Mini eggs are ideal for sharing, and with their tasteful pastel colours they’re also well-suited for cake decorating – you really can’t go wrong with these tiny bursts of happiness.

As a bonus, each packet contains a generous number. 7/10

Image: William Warby via Flickr

Lindt Bunny

I’m a particular fan of the majestic gold wrapping and the superfluous bell. These are always a solid choice for gifts, due to the fancy exoticism of their distant Swiss origins. These generously sized bunnies are smooth and nutty, and not as sickly as Dairy Milk chocolate (unless, of course, you eat one in a single go – in which case, good on you!)

They’re also available in mini. Hurrah!  7.5/10

Image: Asti Swastiani via Flickr

Dairy Milk ‘Egg n’ Spoon’

An interesting concept, these were only introduced a year or so ago into British supermarkets: I remain unsure. I like the concept and the little spoons, but I’m not sure if I like the chocolate, which consists of mousse inside a small chocolate egg. The white chocolate version was promising, but turned out to be overly sweet and slightly vomit-inducing. In summary, these aren’t amazing. 5/10

Image: Magdalen Christie 

Malteser Bunny

The undisputed Queen of Easter Chocolate, the Malteser Easter Bunny is perfection. With a malty crunch perfectly sealed with chocolate, these are the ideal size and shape for a revision pick-me-up. Every bite is a step closer to heaven, which brings us back to the Easter theme, conveniently. Malteser Bunnies earned a well-deserved 10/10.

Image: Ambernectar 13 via Flickr

So there you have it – TCS's low-down on Easter chocolates. I admittedly feel quite sick now, but as I wisely recommend, there is always room for more chocolate. Happy eating!