How to guide: Daisy nail art

Anna Carruthers 14 April 2014
  1. Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nail and prevent staining.
  2. Cover the entire nail in a pale blue or green (Rimmel Salon Pro Peppermint 500 £4.49) to create the background.
  3. Using a small nail or paint brush, create daisy petals with a white polish (Barry M 66 Matt White £2.99). This is best done by firstly drawing the petals as straight lines and then adding curves. This ensures that they remain uniform in size and length.
  4. To make the design more interesting, place the daisy in a different place on each nail.
  5. For the centre of the daisy use a dotting tool or the polish brush itself to dab a small amount of yellow at the conjuncture of the petals (Barry M 307 Lemon £2.99).
  6. If you have space on one nail, a bumblebee can make a nice added touch to the design.
  7. To make a bumblebee, dab a blob of yellow polish into the space. Then use either a toothpick or striper to draw small black lines both across the yellow blob to create stripes, and next to it to give the illusion of movement.
  8. Apply a clear polish over the top to add longevity and gloss.