How to guide: Olympic nails

Anna Carruthers 30 January 2014

1. Apply a clear base coat.

2. Apply a bright blue (Rimmel’s Sky High, £3.69) all over the nail. Avoid light blue as you want the white snow to really stand out.

3. Using a bit of sponge, dab white polish (Revlon, £6.49) along the bottom of the nail to create the snow. Make sure that the snow is dabbed on at an angle, recreating a mountainside, on at least one nail.

4. This step may be repeated several times to make the white opaque.

5. Add detail, such as trees and a ski lift, using a black striper.

6. For the ski lift draw two vertical lines from the upper left corner to the middle right side of the nail. These are the wires of the ski lift. Below this, draw two arches and connect them with a line. This creates the chair. On this, draw a stick figure using a dotting tool and black polish for the head.

7. Draw the skier on your longest nail: paint one diagonal black line in the centre of the nail for the ski, and a second thicker, but shorter, taupe (Sephora Never Say No, £5) directly on top of this for the shoes. Above this, draw on the trousers and a top using two distinct colours. Use a dotting tool or hair grip to create the head using the same taupe as before.

8. For the finish line, again use a striper. Try to write the words ‘Finish’ or ‘End’ across the nail. If you can’t manage, a few squiggles will give the same effect.

9. Apply a clear top coat.

10. Celebrate the Winter Olympics!