How to make Cambridge better: The Wishlist

Sarah Howden 23 May 2014

After the TCS team realised that all we'd ever truly wanted was a selfie with a cow, the sky was the limit of our aspirations. This week, I asked what niggles students have about Cambridge and what, if they had one wish, they'd change… and they certainly weren't short of answers.

Water-wise, we have a lot of untapped potential. The stream of punters’ tales about the river colleges has run dry. We need to quench tourists’ thirst for the dubious history of the ‘inland’ colleges… With a couple more rivers, maybe one running past Sidney and the Union and a second winding its way up to ARU, we’d have a veritable Venetian paradise. And you could wear striped turtlenecks without looking like a fool.

Venice: Basically the Cam                                                                              Credit: Trish Hartmann

I wish that weeks started on a Monday… like, you know, every other place ever. Not only does it effectively destroy that glorious Friday feeling, but every time I put on my ‘days of the week’ socks I feel like a liar.”

What even is lapwing and why is it a thing? The attempt to make it sound fast by likening it to flight is disappointing and a lie. The login process has cost me hours of my life I will never get back, a problem exacerbated by the fact I have no idea how to change my password from the random string of numbers and letters I was first assigned”

Lapwing: Where time goes to die. Good shade of blue though…

“I know scientists generally don’t get out much but forcing us to cycle all the way to the Cavendish for supervisions is just a cruel attempt at compensating. If I wanted thighs of steel I’d be a rower

“College pets are seriously limited. Whatever happened to an experimental hedgehog or two?”

Victims of discrimination                                                                                               Credit: Back

Why does everywhere in Cambridge have two taps- scalding hot or freezing? Mixing it together in the basin is all well and good, but I’ve seen the sink and negotiating its layer of grime is a dangerous game. A single tap would provide a pleasantly lukewarm hygiene experience without the risk of third degree burns every time you wash your hands."


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