How to snack without the flack

Connie Fisher 6 February 2014

Read ten pages. Snack. Read ten pages. Snack. Read…

If your days run anything like mine do, this might sound worryingly familiar to you. How else are we supposed to break up our days of study if not with Facebook and food?

Do not despair! What you must study now is the art of the healthy snack: both friendly on the waistline and friendly on the wallet.

It’s pretty obvious the kings of this are the people at Graze Box, but if you don’t have four quid to splash out every week on tiddly plastic packets of nuts, why not make your own? Pop on down to Lakeland and grab some mini lidded pots, then sidle over to Sainsbury’s and get your mitts on packets of dried fruit, nuts, mini bread sticks, and don’t forget some yoghurt or chocolate coated goodies to liven things up, then pop a selection of each in your little boxes and you’re good to go for the week.

If you don't need nibbles to be portable, low-fat dips and sticks of chopped up veg are a great filler – and you can fancy yourself as a sophisticated Parisian snacking on classy crudités while you're doing it.

For the sweeter tooth – whip up low fat jelly with tinned fruit wibbling about inside. Nom.

Go, eat, enjoy, say yes to thin and no to poor. Now back to that book.