“I’m stuck in the debt!” National Day of Civil Disobedience in Cambridge

Hazel Shearing 7 November 2013

Last Tuesday saw students vent their anger on the streets of Cambridge as part of the National Day of Civil Disobedience. Student organisation Cambridge Defend Education protested on King’s Parade against the proposed privatisation of student loans. Around twenty students turned up at midday to play ‘stuck in the debt’, which was followed by a student ‘debt-in’ where students lay crushed by red boxes symbolising the burden of student debt.

Conrad, a third-year English student at Christ’s and member of Cambridge Defend Education, told TCS that the protest aimed to raise awareness of the loan privatisation, which “could well mean that current students are forced to pay back more than double the interest that they signed up for.”

“We’re campaigning against the very nature of student debt”, Conrad continued. “We think it’s absurd that students should have to get into debt in order to have an education that will benefit the whole of society”.

It wasn’t just students who took to the streets. The Cambridge People’s Assembly formed a chain gang following a masked David Cameron through the city. Animal Rights Cambridge also staged a protest at the New Museums Site.