In to the deep…

Rhys Cater 27 February 2010

Rhys Cater takes you on a journey into the world of mp3 blogs

Are you ready to take a dive into the music blogosphere? There’s a whole world of music out there and mp3 blogs are fast becoming the coolest way to explore it. There are hundreds of different blogs featuring different styles and different formats, so this week TCS have done the hard work for you and put together a small collection for you to try out. For the uninitiated, mp3 blogs are sites which feature new and unknown music and have been growing in popularity since internet speeds have made it possible to stream music files on the fly. The majority of them exist in the spirit of supporting artists, so they provide a couple of sample tracks for each artist they feature in the hope that you’ll go off and buy the album if you like it. Some combine the music with some cool artwork while others take a more straightforward approach – there really is something for everybody. Have a go and see which you like best – you’re guaranteed to find something new that grabs you.

Aurgasm –

Electro-swing, Folktronica, and Swedish hiphop are just three of the genres Aurgasm have used to describe the music they post. Each entry features a beautiful image of the artist or video to stream, with a short text describing them and a couple of tracks to sample. It’s their straightforward approach which makes this blog very accessible.

modeldemoka –

mp3 blogs go highbrow at modeldemoka. Each entry features quite a lot of tracks so you’ll have to spend more time listening, but there are some real gems to be found. To add a bit of depth to the music posted, each post is accompanied an interesting text extract and an image. Recent examples include quotes from Reuters, The Little Wizard Stories of Oz, and Group Theory.

Hype Machine –

Not a music blog as such, but more a blog aggregator. Hype Machine collects posts from around the blogosphere and puts it all in one place for easy listening. You can sort by Newness or by Hype depending on your mood. It’s a cool way to get an idea of going on, but you’re likely to find more stuff specifically to your taste by following a specific blog that posts genres you’re into.

Daily Beatz –

“One awesome song a day” reads the tagline, and the site doesn’t disappoint. Except on Sundays. Here the focus is largely on the author’s relationship with the artist, how he discovered them or why he really loves them. It’s less abstract but none the less makes for interesting reading. The majority is indie music, but hip hop and plenty of remixes also feature on Daily Beatz.

Ear Farm –

This beautifully presented site brings music news, features and mp3 blogging together in perfect harmony. Their band of the week feature is particularly worthy of a look; the section sports a straightforward layout, and for each artist they provide a list of similar stuff to help you find something your ears will love.

said the gramophone –

An eclectic mix of music and creative writing give said the gramophone its charm. It is one of the oldest and best-established music blogs on the scene, having seen contributions from artists such as the Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. While it doesn’t have the immediacy of some of the other sites featured this week, its broad range of new and interesting tunes make it well worth a visit.

Rhys Cater