Insta//art: Women and bodies

Sophie Dickinson 15 January 2018
Image credit: Robin Eisenberg

This new TCS series will showcase the best independent artists using Instagram to share their work. Scroll through to find the most creative minds on social media from the comfort of your bed, and feel inspired to create (and fight the patriarchy whilst you’re at it). This list is nowhere near exhaustive, but here is the first installment of some of the most innovative young illustrators and designers, this week on the theme of women and bodies.

Robin Eisenberg


Okay, so who doesn’t want to see alien women eating pizza in the bath? Eisenberg’s illustrations show intergalactic gals living their best life, and makes me want to live mine, too. The artwork is equal parts dreamy and gaudy, so check it out for all the powerful astro-chic you could ever need.

Bodil Jane


This Amsterdam-based artist draws bright, bold women doing bright and bold things. I want to cover my walls with her Moroccan Dreams print (featured above); the pattern and colours are consistently spot on.  Her shop contains everything from pins to scarfs, too, so you can own her designs in whatever way you like.

Karl-Joel Larsson


The muted, earthy tones of Larsson’s work, combined with stoic, genderless portraits, make this artist one of my favourites. I see myself in the figures sighing over coffee, or swooning in a cloud-filled sky. Have a look at his ‘jazz’ series for a modern take on Matisse.

Kenesha Sneed


Mugs, combs and plant pots- this account has it all. Celebrating everything from the wobbly female form to zeitgeisty cacti, Sneed’s account is a daring combination of the prosaic and the political.

Samantha Pleet


A dreamy NYC designer, Pleet is a textile designer with an eye on the stars. Everything is adorned in an Alice-in-Wonderland splendor, and the Mermaid jeans, covered in embroidered clam shells, is the outfit of a 21st century fairytale.

Polly Fern 


I never fail to be stunned by Fern’s ceramics. Delicate scenes painted onto plates are delightfully reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement, and fill you full of love for independent producers. Watching the production from kiln to finished product make this account feel as if you’re privy to a very precise skill. Plus, she owns an adorable canary called Olive, who makes her way onto the Instagram, too.

Venus Libido


There’s illustration on this account aplenty, of self-deprecating women and honest cartoon strips. Perhaps most memorable though, are the candle dicks. They are literally purchasable flammable penises, so if you’re up for burning down the patriarchy, then this is the account for you.

Kaye Blegvad


I love Bledvad’s simple artwork, and her account displays both her creations and her inspiration. Working with a variation of mediums (including metal and clay), it really makes you want to get crafty. The blue-and-white tiles (above) remind me of sun-drenched Mediterranean holidays.


Samantha Lilefield 


Samantha Lilefield is just incredibly talented. Her main medium is embroidery, and her delicate designs are nothing short of beautiful. It’s impossible to choose a favourite, so have a scroll through yourself and find your own. Her ‘save the freaking bees’ t-shirts are an apposite nod to the ecofeminist vibe of the whole account, too.


Laura Callaghan


This account fills my feed with joy. Callaghan draws women of every description doing exactly what they love, from relaxing in the most outrageously patterned rooms, to eating Gouda and figs with a budgie. The attention to detail is mesmerising, and the use of Instagram Stories to show the painting process means every aspect of the creation is documented.

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