Internal debate over “2 many man” in CDE

The News Team 28 January 2015

Members of the Cambridge Defend Education (CDE) organisation have this week suggested to the rest of the group that CDE has "2 MANY MAN."

Two members of CDE, the leftwing student activist group, used an internal mailing list to raise concerns that the organisation has become far more male-dominated, and also that it was "as white as it ever was."

They also complained that the most recent CDE meeting was not moved to accommodate individuals who also wanted to attend the Trans Feminism event organised in protest to Germaine Greer’s appearance at the Union, pointing out that the meeting was attended by far fewer women than usual. They stated: "it excluded those who wanted to be involved in fighting transmisogyny" and was "not showing solidarity with oppressed groups."

The Trans Feminism event featured Roz Kaveney, an academic and trans rights campaigner, who spoke of the difficult history of the trans movement, as well as denouncing Greer.

Attached to the email was a link to the YouTube video ‘Boy Better Know- Too Many Man’, referencing the "2 MANY MAN" email subject line.

Cambridge Defend Education is a non-hierarchical organisation, which means all members can access the full mailing list. The separate list, where the email in question was sent, is, while public, a more restricted one designed for organisation.

The Cambridge Student understands that CDE anticipates releasing a statement on the story following the weekend.