Intersect: Queens’ Arts Festival

Lucas Marsden-Smedley 24 February 2019
Image Credit: Queens' Arts Festival via Facebook

In a little over a week, Queens’ will host the biggest Arts Festival in Cambridge. It will feature pieces from across the University, as well as showcasing artists from Kettle’s Yard. After an opening week of speakers, workshops, panels and events, the gallery will become a permanent collection space within the College, open to all students and members of the public.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Intersect’. On one level, the idea behind the festival is to appose intersecting styles of art, artistic mediums, voices and approaches to create a unified and richly diverse experience. This diversity is reflected in our artists, and as such the gallery has been created to become a cross-cultural exchange of ideas, bringing together students from all backgrounds into an open space of discussion and multi-disciplinary art. We have partnered with SolidariTee, a student-led charity which sells T-shirts, funding legal aid for refugees.

Image Credit: Lucas Marsden-Smedley

With this in mind, we have organised a series of events to investigate these creative intersections, exploring ideas of identity, change and collaboration. The launch night, featuring live performances and the full gallery of art, with free entry and refreshments, will be on March 2nd. The following day there will be a life drawing led by Our Naked Truths, a series redefining beauty in female and non-binary presentation. All materials will be provided, and, after the life-drawing, there will be a discussion facilitated by Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton. There will also be a life drawing class led by Dennis Goldsmith on March 9th.

Image Credit: Lucas Marsden-Smedley

We have two very exciting groups of speakers who will lead interactive talks about their works. The first is LDN WMN, an incredible panel of women inspired by the unsung female heroes throughout London’s history. They work in conjunction the Mayor’s #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign, marking 100 years since the first women won the right to vote in the UK. The second are the Singh Twins, who will talk about their latest series of artworks, titled ‘Slaves of Fashion’. The sisters will discuss modern-day slavery, cross-cultural fashion, and the legacy of Empire and Colonialism. Finally, on top of all this, the CU Hip Hop Society will run a beginner’s workshop on how to write hip hop lyrics, and, on March 10th, the Queens’ Chapel Choir will present a special service featuring music by self-identifying women and BME people.

It promises to be an extremely exciting week. For more information about our vision and any of our events, please follow our page on Facebook!

Image Credit: Queens’ Arts Festival via Facebook