Interview: Five minutes with Robbie Savage

Olivia Lee 26 April 2012

Do you think Capello was right to walk away from the England job? Who should take over?

I think Harry Redknapp will take over. I think when the captaincy was taken out of Capello’s hands he obviously felt undermined and didn’t see that there was really any way forward. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer as to whether he should or shouldn’t have walked away. The public perception probably wasn’t that he was their favourite and I think Harry probably would be more suited to the public.

Who is going to win the Premier League? Will United hang onto their lead?

I think United will win the league, City slipped at Swansea and I think that really made United strong favourites.

Who do you think should be the next Chelsea manager?

Who do you think?

I was hoping for Mourinho!

Yeah I think everybody would love to see Mourinho back in the Premier League, he’s doing so well at Real Madrid. He loves London. But I’d love to see someone like David Moyes being given a chance, he’s done great stuff at Everton, so I’d love to see him given a chance at a big club.

What do you think of Scott Parker as England captain? Should it have been Gerrard?

Should have been Gerrard 100%. Parker is good player, he’s done exceptionally well at Spurs, but Gerrard can win games almost single handedly, he’s proven that with Liverpool. He’s the leader of Liverpool and he should have been the leader for England.

After Mark Hughes’ complaints, what do you think about goal-line technology?

I think it’ll be brought in on the goal-line. The confusion is part of what we love about football. The fact that you can go to the pub and discuss whether it was over the line or not, but for teams it’s the difference between going up or down so I think it will be brought in on the goal-line definitely.

Olivia Lee