Interview: Pigeon Detectives

Eilish Hughes 21 May 2013

The Pigeon Detectives are an indie rock band from Rothwell, West Yorkshire who recently released their fourth album, We Met at Sea. Eilish Hughes got a chance to catch up with lead vocalist Matt Bowman after their recent show at the Junction.

I’ve noticed you’ve got an impressive cluster of tattoos. What’s your favourite and why?

Probably this pin-up girl here, ‘cos it’s like a pirate thing and Pirates of the Caribbean is my favourite film.

Are looks and style important to you as an artist? You came on stage in a storm of leather and denim.

Well, to be honest, I just love my leather jacket ‘cos I thought it looked cool when the Beatles wore them.

So you’re more influenced by bands of the past than up-and-coming ones?

Well, yeah. I wouldn’t really say many bands get influenced by their peers, y’know, unless they’re trying to sound like every other song on the radio.

You’ve been on the radio a lot recently and are smashing through the charts. Do you see a problem with your band becoming more mainstream?

Being in the charts is an amazing honour. Like, there is nothing cool about not making money. I’ve worked in offices but it’s not me, it’s not what I personally wanted to do. Why would I want to work in ASDA for five days a week and only gig once? I wanna make a living out of this and I want to be a rock star.

You had loads of banter with the crowd tonight; is that important to you?

Definitely. None of it is rehearsed or contrived. It’s all in the moment and about putting on a proper show for the audience and having an experience which is unique to that one night and the relationship we forge with our fans.

So you had a good time tonight? What did you think of the crowd?

Crowd were amazing. love playing in Cambridge, never had a bad show here. I mean, here is where we started doing our big shows and making a name for ourselves. It’s brilliant.

Finally, are you more of a festival or gig person?

Well, I love going to festivals and one of my favourite gigs was by a band at Leeds, it was just great. But, as a performer, I don’t care if it’s a festival or a gig, as long as I’m onstage performing– that’s all that matters to me.

Eilish Hughes