Introducing… Hello Saferide

Daniel Jane 9 February 2010

Who: Swedish singer-songwriter Annika Norlin

Genre: Alternative pop/rock

Hello Saferide (pronounced ‘safe ride’) is the stage name of Stockholm-based songstress Annika Norlin, a music journalist by trade who was signed after uploading some of her songs in 2004. The following year saw the release of her debut album, Introducing…, which introduced audiences to her raw, witty lyricism and her cheery, rough-and-ready pop style.

The follow-up, 2008’s More Modern Short Stories, marries her trademark impeccable songcraft with a more mature, pensive feel and a heavier emphasis on the electric guitar.

While her melodies are carefree and infectious, it’s the lyrics that make Norlin’s songs. Whether she’s comparing people to songs, quizzing prospective suitors about their reading habits or speaking from the viewpoint of a high-school stalker, she is never less than clever.

Furthermore, with her neurotic-outsider persona and frank self-awareness, you listen to Hello Saferide feeling that you know her already. Her music will be your friend.

Daniel Jane