Introducing… Hurts

James Partridge 29 March 2010

Who: Mysterious Indie-Pop Two-some

Genre: Disco Lento Doloroso

In the days before MySpace/Twitter/Youtube bridged the gap between artist and fan, the stars of old found much of their fame through their inaccessibility and mystique. This notion is one that appealed to the romantic hearts of Manchester lads Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson emerging out of the home of such like-minded tortured souls as The Smiths and Joy Division.

Hurts pedal an obvious love of 80’s synth-pop but juxtapose this against a visually bleak landscape of film noir and European Expressionist cinematography, as shown through their ‘teaser’ videos online. The MySpace page contains a single track entitled: ‘Blood, Tears and Gold’ – a follow-up to the glorious ‘Wonderful Life’ – and is a glimpse of what a phenomenon this band could be; one could imagine that if treated by Leona Lewis this would be sitting at the top of the charts for weeks. Hurts are the breath of fresh air that British pop needs.

James Partridge