Is a visit home worth it?

Louise McCarthy 9 February 2014

The benefits of a trip home are obvious: it’s hard to imagine why anybody wouldn’t want to rush back at the earliest opportunity. For one blissful weekend, you’re no longer responsible for your own cooking, washing or cleaning dishes. Everything is taken care of for you, by parents who are so desperately pleased to see you that they uncharacteristically wait on you hand and foot. You are reunited with the bathtub, which you hadn’t even realised you missed, and after a night in your own bed, you don’t know how you ever slept anywhere else.

However, the drawbacks of a relaxing break at home swiftly become apparent upon arrival back in the bubble. Getting any work done at home is more or less impossible: not only because you’re guaranteed to leave a crucial book back at college, but also because you won’t want to waste your precious time at home with your head buried in a book of case studies when you could be having a Miranda marathon with your sister.

The intense panic of being a whole weekend behind is not pleasant. Not only that, but a weekend is just enough time to start getting used to the comforts of home: after forty eight hours, it will be like starting the year all over again.

A better solution might be to drag your family to Cambridge – that way, you can quiet the pangs of homesickness and get a decent lunch at Bill’s.