Isis and Goldie crews announced

Beth Price 2 April 2014

The Men’s Reserve crews rowing in Isis for Oxford and Goldie for Cambridge have been announced and weighed-in, in one of the final stages of preparation before Sunday’s Boat Race.

Goldie came in as the heavier boat reflecting their counterparts in the main race, averaging 1.7kg heavier per man than the Dark Blues. The heaviest rower is Goldie’s Alexander Leichter who tipped the scales at 100.2kg, and the lightest crew member is Iain Mandale for Isis at 71.8kg. Both crews have an average age of 23 years, with Dark Blue William Geffen the youngest rower at just 18.

Isis has American John Redos at bow seat; Alexander Bostrom at 2; William Geffen at 3; Nicholas Hazell at 4; James Fraser-Mackenzie at 5, the only Zimbabwean national to have competed in any Boat Race; James Mountain at 6; Iain Mandale at 7; and Chris Fairweather at Stroke. They are coxed by Sophie Shawdon and average 84kg excluding their cox. 

Chris Black is at Bow for Goldie; with Peter Walker at 2; Florian Herbst at 3; Jason Lupatkin at 4; Alexander Leichter at 5; Will brown at 6; Felix Newman at 7; and Angus Knights at Stroke. They are coxed by Rosemary Ostfeld; only the fourth time both Reserve crews have been coxed by a woman. Their average weight, excluding cox, is 85.7kg. 

Last year’s race was hard fought, being won by Isis by only a third of a length, and Isis sees two of their victorious crew returning – Iain Mandale and Nicholas Hazell, as well as Chris Fairweather who was part of 2012’s record breaking crew. In contrast, Goldie only has Alexander Leichter returning, along with 2013 spare man Florian Herbst, the first time there have ever been two Austrians in the same boat. 

The Reserve Race between Isis and Goldie takes place half an hour before the BNY Mellon Boat Race on Sunday 6th April.