Israeli Ambassador to speak at Union

Colm Murphy 14 October 2014

The Union have released their latest surprise headliner exclusively to The Cambridge Student. We can officially announce that the Israeli Ambassador to London, Daniel Taub, is due to speak at the Union on Monday 20th October at 7pm.

Taub has held the position of Ambassador to the UK since 2011 and has been extensively involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

In the past Taub has served as Principal Deputy Legal Advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as a legal advisor in Israeli missions to the United Nations. He has over twenty years of experience in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as degrees from Oxford, Harvard and University College London.

Beyond developing negotiation theory, Taub has said that he would like to further relations with Britain regarding “ high-tech fields where Israeli expertise can dovetail with British capabilities”, as well as ventures regarding energy, the environment and the film industry.

The event is likely to attract controversy in light of the current Israel-Palestine conflict and widespread condemnation from some quarters over Israeli military tactics.

Cambridge has been at the centre of various criticism of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Cambridge Palestine Forum is an active campaign group and critic of the current actions of the Israeli state, and on the 20th of September over 50 Cambridge academics wrote an open letter condemning the assault on Gaza, calling for “an immediate lifting of the blockade”.

However, TCS can report that a counter statement has been released by 60 members of the student body claiming the original statement was “misguided and myopic”. They call for greater attention to be paid to other conflicts and claim that “an immediate lifting of the Gaza blockade without any consideration for the security of Israeli citizens is a foolish and misguided action.”