It’s official: new logo is a no-go

Jonathan Laurence 30 September 2007

If you were expecting bold new changes for the beginning of the academic year from your university student union, you may be a tad disappointed. Because the most ambitious project undertaken by Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) so far has been a rather uninspiring facelift of its logo.

It is the most visible change brought in by president Mark Fletcher, who in his election manifesto promised ‘a major rethink of how CUSU operates’.

So, gone is the orange oblong with friendly handprint – replaced instead by a minimalist blue and white number.

But even CUSU officials have turned their nose up at the blobby new look – including services officer Adam Colligan who said it was only chosen by merit of being “the least rubbish”.

CUSU originally launched a competition last term, inviting students to submit designs to replace the decade-old logo.

But Colligan says the standard of entries was “embarrassing” -so a crack CUSU team headed by welfare officer Sam Rose was set up to rectify the situation.

And the revamped livery is now proudly adorning CUSU’s new headquarters on the New Museums Site.

Jonathan Laurence