Jesus College students vote to allow societies to purchase alcohol

Lili Bidwell 6 May 2017

On the evening of Thursday 4th May, the politics of the County Council elections was not enough for the Jesus students who flocked to the OGM. 

The main event of the evening was the passing of a motion passed by a first year HSPS student, putting forward an argument for college societies to have the right to purchase alcohol with the Jesus College Student Union (JCSU) funds. 

Despite having been previously allowed in the JCSU constitution, it had long been an unspoken rule that societies were not permitted to buy alcohol with money provided by the JCSU. That is not to say that societies did not have alcohol, at Feminist Society, for example, students often purchase drinks at the college bar to enjoy during the meeting. Nevertheless, for the student proposing the motion, his newly formed Arts and Humanities Society would not be complete without alcoholic beverages. 

There were two motions put forward at the OGM, that arguing in favour of societies being allowed to purchase alcohol with JCSU funds, and another proposing a change to the constitution by which Ents officers would be allowed to purchase alcohol with the JCSU money, but that other societies would not. 

Following heated debate from both sides of the argument, with the JCSU committee itself being of differing opinions, the motion was passed by a fair majority, meaning the societies will now have the right to apply for JCSU funding for alcohol for their societies, however this will still be at the discretion of the treasurer.