Kicking Oxford where it hurts

Olauluwakitan Osunkunle 7 March 2013

The Light Blues defeated Oxford in the Varsity Kickboxing match last Saturday to secure their third consecutive Varsity win. It was a tough match with many nail-biting moments, but Cambridge ended up victorious with a final score of 4-3.

Things got off to a rocky start with two Cambridge fighters entering heavier weight categories to compensate for injuries. The girls were up first in a demo fight in which Maeve Doherty fought to a draw. The following two fights boosted morale. Tim Williamson, a seasoned fighter, secured an emphatic victory with punching combinations and lethal front kicks. Charlie Samson used his long hooks and roundhouse kicks to good effect, eventually defeating his opponent.

Unfortunately, in the next fight, Phil Richardson faced a tough challenge. A last minute replacement for an injured fighter on the day of Varsity, he was placed in a weight category above his own to compensate for an overweight Cambridge fighter. Despite this, he fought well against an Oxford fighter 9kg heavier who had a black belt in karate, but ultimately lost due to the judge’s decision.

Next up for Cambridge was Kostas Ziovas who fought against a tough Oxford fighter. The rounds were balanced, and the referees (fairly) declared it a draw. In what was to be the penultimate fight, Konstantin Semeniuk, the most experienced Cambridge fighter, battled against Chris Hinchcliffe a well-known nemesis from Oxford. Fortunately, Semeniuk was up to the challenge and used lightning quick double kicks to outscore his opponent. Olaoluwakitan Osunkunle was next in the ring. Despite showing excellent footwork, the judges decided that Osunkunle had not done enough to win the bout.

After the scheduled fights, Oxford and Cambridge were tied. The teams fielded an additional fighter each to decide the match.

Despite a tough fight earlier, Samson stepped up to fight against a fresh Oxford fighter. His fatigue showed in the first round, as his opponent landed heavy blows that led to a brief spell on the floor. After a quick pep talk in the Cambridge corner, Samson was re-invigorated and dominated in the second and third rounds. The result was never in doubt in the end as the Light Blue fighter wrapped up the overall match for Cambridge.

It was an impressive win for Cambridge for the third consecutive year. They will certainly aim to continue dominating Oxford in next year’s Varsity match.

Olauluwakitan Osunkunle