King’s, Selwyn and Churchill rowers rejoice as new boathouse announced

Beth Price 15 May 2014

The dreams of boaties at Selwyn, Churchill and King's came true this week as the application for their new boathouse was finally submitted.

The new two-storey boathouse would replace the current "Combined" building, described as "shit" by Daniel Brock, a first-year rower at Churchill.

Helen Lambert, the Women's Lower Boats Captain at Selwyn, was enthusiastic about the proposals, saying that the boathouse at the moment is "an absolute dive and kind of falling apart". However, she expressed concern about the future of the build, as the plans have already been stalled at this early stage. 

Second year Pembroke rower Maev Conneely, suggested that there is currently a great deal of inconsistency between boathouses, saying: “I don't know about all boathouses, I think there is a lot of discrepancy. Some don’t have ergs, and Emma have bikes and a whole gym".

Image Credit: Louise Kerr

A second application has been submitted, this one for a joint boathouse for Cambridgeshire Rowing Association and Camrowers. Currently Camrowers shares the Combined Colleges Boathouse and CRA has to store many boats out in the open. 

“We have got a lot of boats and nowhere to put them” said Bill Key, the association’s chairman, “most of the boathouses are for students, although a third of the people that row on the river are local people.”

Both applications have to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so all existing trees are being preserved and the concrete bank is to be replaced with a plastic mesh which grass can grow through. 

Lynette Gilbert from the Riverside Residents’ Association praised this, saying “I think they have made a real effort to come up with something that wouldn’t be too intrusive.” Magdalene cox Maddie Wong, however, favoured the traditional concrete bank, having fallen into the Cam back in January because the edge of the bank was unclear.