King’s against Kings

28 April 2011

 King’s College students are planning to hold an anti-royalist party in their college this Friday, on the day that Prince William marries Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey.

As royal pomp and pageantry descend on London and an expected two billion people tune in worldwide to catch a glimpse of “that dress”, Republicans at King’s are ‘celebrating’ the Royal Wedding with a party in college railing against the British monarchy.

An organiser told The Cambridge Student: “We want to draw attention to the false impression of national unity created by the wedding – this will be a party for those who realise the disenfranchisement in our current arcane system. Fuck the royal wedding.”

An ICM poll commissioned by campaign group Republic in March showed that 79% were either “largely indifferent” or “couldn’t care less” about the wedding, “in contrast with the hype being generated by certain sections of the media and by the palace press office”.

Royal wedding apathy is also afflicting Cantabs. A Corpus 3rd year told TCS: “They’re just two people getting married – it happens every day. I don’t see any need to cancel Cash in the Attic for it.”

However, not all students in Cambridge are so ambivalent.

Speaking to TCS, Chris Poel, Chairman of Cambridge University Conservative Association, said: “In CUCA and beyond, there will be many of us celebrating the union of our future King and Head of the Commonwealth and Ms Middleton on Friday.

“The monarchy is a stabilising institution, linking us today with our ancestors and future generations.

“A new link in that illustrious chain is worth a few glasses raised in congratulations, I’d say.”

Personal views notwithstanding, Cambridge may have to get used to Wills and Kate – there is speculation that, after tying the knot, they will be made Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by the Queen.

Michael Yoganayagam – Deputy News Editor

Photo Credit: Oldmaison