King’s College invite suspected sex offender to dinner

Ben Richardson - News Editor 22 November 2012

Students have launched a petition against King’s College after an alumnus, who is currently under investigation for repeated sexual harassment against a member of college staff, was invited to an upcoming dinner this coming Saturday.

The petition, created by undergraduate student Amelia Horgan, is directed to the Senior Tutor, Robin Osborne. The signatories criticise the college for inviting someone whose “sexual harassment was witnessed by many people, including students, staff members and other alumni” and for not taking its “duty of care over us, its staff and its fellows seriously.” It goes on to demand that senior members protect members of the college against those under investigation for sexual harassment and urges the college to develop and implement a full sexual harassment policy. As a response to the petition, the college has agreed to work with its students in developing a new protocol.

TCS has contacted both the college authorities and Ms Horgan, but has failed to establish whether the invitation in question has been withdrawn. TCS has decided to withhold the name of the alumnus, as the formal investigation into his behaviour continues.

When TCS went to print, the petition had 251 signatures. Commenting beneath the document, one student, Jatinder Sahota commented: “I used to work doing food service and the like, and I lost count of the number of times a female member of staff would get harassed and nothing would be done about it – pissed me off to say the least.”

Another student, JT Baird, said: “I was actually there on the night, and I pretty much thought this was a no brainer… The fact that they refuse to follow any policy whatsoever is frankly frightening and just shows that although they like to show themselves off as a forward thinking institution, they only think about issues like equality and safely when it suits certain people with authority. Literally disgusting.”

Ben Richardson – News Editor