King's hobs return

Noor Al-Bazzaz 26 January 2008

King’s College Students’ Union (KCSU) has won the right to re-install hobs into gyp rooms after months of deliberation between the KCSU, the council and King’s College authorities.

The council inspected the kitchens in King’s last April, and decided that most of the gyp rooms were too small to safely contain hobs.

Following the council’s decision, the student body at King’s College placed pressure on the college and the council to reassess their verdict. Last term, The Cambridge Student (TCS) reported that some King’s students were refusing to pay their college bills in response to the College’s decision to remove hobs from kitchens.

A new risk assessment was carried out earlier this month. Some gyp rooms were still declared unsafe on account of their size, but most of those in Webb’s and Bodley’s accommodation have passed as suitable for the re-instalment of hobs.

The College has agreed to compensate all the main college sites for the lack of hobs throughout the previous term.

Electricians have been asked to begin installing the hobs as soon as possible, but KCSU has urged students to chase up the issue to ensure that hobs are reinstalled in the coming weeks.

Noor Al-Bazzaz