Knack: An unlikely hero

Ciaran Deasy 17 February 2014

Do you like Pixar movies? If not, then don’t buy Knack. But if so, then you’ll be pleased to know that Knack offers the same bright, colourful characters and fun story that defines our favourite films.

The game casts you as Knack, a creature made up of the relics of an ancient civilisation, and pits you against colourful goblins and shiny robots. The story is as light-hearted as the visual style, and interesting enough to keep you playing. The vast majority of the gameplay consists of battling enemies to open the way to the next room full of baddies. It is not a technical powerhouse that will push the PS4 to its limits, but the environments and characters are very aesthetically pleasing, and nothing looks lacking in fidelity.

The combat is unapologetically simple: you have a basic punch, a jump attack and a move for multiple enemies. Those looking for a deep experience will be disappointed, but the variety of enemies keeps the action from getting too stale. The biggest issue comes from the occasionally sparse checkpointing: the repetition can really kick in hard.

Regardless, Knack is an enjoyable and pretty experience that’s very much worth your time.