‘Knifed’ ex-Union Officer now an MP

Stevie Hertz 18 May 2015

A former Cambridge Union entertainment officer, who was forced to resign after filing a false expenses invoice, has become a Member of Parliament. Alan Mak, who studied Law at Peterhouse, now represents the constituency of Havant for the Conservative party.

In 2003, Mak was accused of filing a false invoice, after asking for recompense for the cost of paper plates and cutlery for a speed-dating event at the Union, totalling £100. The Union’s standing committee passed an ensuing vote of no confidence in Mak as Entertainments Officer by eight votes to one, forcing him to resign and leading Varsity to anoint him “Mak the Knifed”.

At the time, Mak strongly denied the allegations, calling the invoice an “innocent mistake” and saying that it was being used to prevent him from running for president. However, the president at the time Will Gallagher responded, “I don’t think you forge an invoice by mistake, there is no place for corruption in the Union.”

Mak continues to reject the claims, telling The Cambridge Student "The allegations made 12 years ago by my opponents during a student election in student newspapers are untrue. I made an honest mistake which I apologised for at the time and which was accepted and the matter was closed."

However, one student, who wished to remain anonymous, said “We always think of the Union as a training school for politicians – I think their behaviour there says a lot about them”. Another student thought less of the claims, saying “it was £100, 12 years ago – does it really matter?”