‘Known interloper’ spotted at Cambridge Union

Tonicha Upham 28 January 2015

The Cambridge Union has so far this week had to remove on two occasions a persistent interloper from the premises.

The man, identified as Jason Wakefield, has a history of loitering at various colleges and other University venues. In November 2014, members of King's College were warned against engaging with him after he was seen in the college library, and he is also known to have posed as an academic at Clare College.

He has been seen at multiple colleges in the past. Neil Seabridge, the Head Porter at King's College, has described him as a "known interloper" and warned against any contact with Wakefield.

According to witnesses, Jason Wakefield was identified by members of the Union Committee on both Monday and Tuesday night, and subsequently removed from the premises. The two evenings in question saw talks from Germaine Greer and Theo Paphitis.

The Union has commented saying: "Jason Wakefield was identified at the Union on Monday and Tuesday and escorted off the premises."

In November, porters at Christ's and Jesus claimed that Jason Wakefield was not a "particular threat," and gave assurances that procedures were in place between the University and the police in order to ensure "good communication" regarding matters such as this.