Lacrosse Blues stuff Walcountians

Sam Spurrell - Sports Reporter 5 February 2010

Lacrosse: Blues 11 Walcountians 2

The Cambridge Blues faced Walcountian Blues last Saturday as they fought the battle that would go a long way in deciding the league. Going into the game it was clear that at least on paper there wasn’t much to pick between the two teams.

Fortunately, Cambridge were well prepared for the game and brought a desire to win that in the end turned a slow start into a sold win over the confident Blues side. The game began with Walcs of the possession. They won the first face-off and moved the ball threateningly to worry the Cambridge defence. However Cambridge scored first through a good finish from Dan Montgomery, and the strong defence led by Captain Sam Spurrell handled the Walcs attack throughout.

Once the game got underway, contrary to Walcs’ expectations, every Cambridge player was able to score goals: 8 different players had scored by fulltime.

The first quarter ended 4-1 after Cambridge showed their strength at the back and new found competency in attack and contrary to Walcountian expectations every Cambridge player was able to score goals. Indeed eight different players had scored by fulltime.

The single Walcs goal came when Cambridge were a man down in defence and were beaten by a good offensive play. The second quarter continued in much the same vein as Cambridge put another 5 goals on the scoreboard and shut out Walcs entirely. By half time Cambridge had clearly asserted their dominance on the game, but time remained for a Walcs comeback.

Unfortunately, there was a marked change in the playing style of Cambridge in the second half. In the third quarter the only goal came from a bizarre swipe at a groundball from the Walcs attack which slowly trickled over the line to give them their final goal of the game. Cambridge were unable to respond, perhaps partly due to a Walcs defence that had got their brains in gear, but also Cambridge were no longer feeling the sense of urgency that was present earlier in the game.

In the last quarter, Cambridge put two goals in the back of the net. The Walcs defence was frustrated and so suffered penalties as they got aggressive. The game ended 11-2 securing Cambridge promotion hopes.

Sam Spurrell –┬áSports Reporter