Last orders at The Fez nightclub?

Zoah Hedges-Stocks 6 October 2011

Freshers may just be getting to grips with Cambridge’s nightlife, but it could all be about to change.

The Fez, the Moroccan-themed Market Passage club, could soon become a block of flats.

F&C Reit Asset Management, who run the building on behalf of another company, have applied for planning permission to turn the four-storey building into twelve apartments, albeit with possible space for a bar or restaurant on the ground floor.

A heritage statement submitted with the application includes the detail “…parts of the first and second floor areas are currently occupied by a nightclub, which is proposed to be removed.”

If the plans are accepted, it is thought Fez will have to close, but that Ta Bouche, the neighbouring cocktail bar, will be unaffected.

The building housed another club called Po Na Na before Fez opened thirteen years ago. Fez used to be a nationwide club brand, but now Cambridge is one of the last left in the chain.

Eclectic Clubs & Bars, who run Fez, recently took over rival Cambridge club Soultree and re-branded it as Lola Lo. It remains to be seen whether they will continue to run both clubs or ‘retire’ the Fez brand if the development goes ahead. The managing director declined to give comment as to the company’s plans.

The city council will consult on the plans until 19th October.

More news to follow.

Zoah Hedges-Stocks