Lent Bumps 2017: Day 2 Roundup

Lili Bidwell 1 March 2017

After a gruelling race yesterday, the atmosphere on the river was tense as the crews warmed up on their way to the start line. This could be a make it or break it day for many crews, setting themselves up for blades or spoons.

The first cannon sounded, signalling the start of the women’s fourth division. Short  but sweet this division saw just one bump, Clare W3 knocked Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W3 out of first place and look to be dominating the division after their bump yesterday too.

The men’s fourth division soon followed with a more dramatic race. Sidney Sussex M2, despite starting in the third division yesterday, were bumped down to second in the fourth division by King’s M2, who reclaimed their position in first place. Caius M3 bumped Churchill M3, their second bump in a row means they could be in a position to win blades. King’s M3 bumped St. Edmund’s M2, who are unfortunately joining Sidney Sussex M2 on a trajectory for winning spoons. At the bottom of the table Girton M2 bumped Corpus Christi M2, the latter crew’s second bump in a row, leaving them second from the bottom with Anglia Ruskin M2 to chase them in the next race.

The women’s third division came next as the bitter wind began to freeze spectator’s extremities. Nevertheless the moral was high and the teams in good spirit as the prepared to race. At the top of the division Clare W2 bumped St. Edmund’s W1 down, setting St. Edmund’s W1 on course for spoons in spite of their start in the second division. Queens’ W2 caught up with Murray Edwards W2, bumping them down and putting them in danger of winning spoons. Jesus W3 bumped Darwin W2, who also could get spoons whilst St. Catherine’s W2 continued their quest for blades by bumped Clare Hall W1. Downing W2 also bumped up, putting them in the running for blades after yesterday’s impressive overbump. Newnham W3 overbumped on Churchill W2 after Caius W2 bumped Trinity Hall W2 in between them, leaving both Trinity Hall W2 and Churchill W2 at risk of spoons, and dangerously close to the fourth division.

The men’s third division saw three boats on course for blades and three for spoons, all towards the bottom of the division. At the top of the division tensions were running high as Pembroke M2 bumped Emmanuel M2 to regain their place at the top of the division, a huge disappointment for Emmanuel M2 who could have been on for blades after their performance yesterday. The same thing happened with Lady Margaret M3 and Magdalene M2 swapping places again after yesterday and placing them back in their original starting positions. Robinson M2 bumped Clare Hall M1, putting the respective crews in with a chance of blades and spoons. Trinity Hall M2 and Churchill M2 had the same situation, with Trinity Hall M2 bumping the latter boat. Fitzwilliam M2 received another bump, this time from Peterhouse M2 who recovered well from their double overbump down yesterday. Clare M3 continued their amazing progress by bumping Queens’ M3 after two bumps yesterday as sandwich boat they are well out of the fourth division.

The women’s first division was much anticipated, most of all by the Jesus W1 crew looking to maintain headship, as Downing W1 chased them from behind, in an attempt to strip them of this title. But after a well fought race, with Downing W1 coming as close as one length from Jesus W1, the Jesus women left Downing far behind on the reach, successfully racing at headship. Downing W1, Newnham W1 and Christ’s W1 all rowed over, despite their best attempts to get closer to headship. Clare W1 bumped Emmanuel W1, First and Third W1 bumped Pembroke W1 and Murray Edwards W1 bumped Girton W1. Churchill fought hard, but after six crews bumped out in front of them, and whilst Lady Margaret W1 caught Queens’ W1 behind them, they were left to row over. Peterhouse W1 were bumped by St. Catherine’s W1, with Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W1 remaining at the bottom of the division.

The Men’s first division ended the day with a dramatic bump from Downing M1 on Caius M1 to take the lead as headship crew. However Lady Margaret M1 bumped Pembroke M1, leaving them in third place and well within in reach of headship. Both Jesus M1 and First and Third M1 rowed over. Peterhouse M1 bumped Queens’ M1 and Christ’s M1 bumped Robinson M1 just behind them. The rest of the crews rowed over apart from Clare M1, who bumped King’s M1, bringing them into 13th place.

Overall the day was eventful and all crews deserve a well-earned rest and the favourite crew pasta before race day tomorrow, where the second division crews will be back after today’s rest day.