Lent Bumps 2017: Day 3 roundup

Lili Bidwell 2 March 2017

The day started off with the women’s fourth division, Clare W3 kept their position in first placed as Lady Margaret W3 bumped Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W3 behind them. Jesus W4 were able to bump back Queens’ W3 and regain their position in fifth place. All in all a solid row from all the crews.

The men’s fourth division saw just one bump, as St. Catharine’s M3 had their first bump of the week on Sidney Sussex M2, who are unfortunately on track for spoons as the move down even further into the fourth division. There is no chance that they will be able to claw their way back into the third division this bumps, the most they can hope for is to escape Caius M3 tomorrow to avoid getting spoons.

The women’s second division returned strong after a rest day yesterday, and the crews enjoyed the sun on their backs as they rowed up to the start point, optimistic in spite of the biting wind. Trinity Hall W1 remain at the top of the division after failing to break in to the top division for the second time Magdalene W1 were bumped down by King’s W1, meaning they are in danger of getting spoons if the y continue to move down the table. Emmanuel W2 did very well to bump the first boat from Selwyn, making that Selwyn’s second bump down this race. Sidney Sussex W1 put in a strong performance, bumping Robinson W1 and therefore having the possibility of winning blades. Darwin W1 made their first bump of the race, pushing Pembroke W2 down the table and unfortunately meaning Pembroke might get spoons. Newnham W2 had another strong row, bumping Christ’s W2 and giving themselves an opportunity to win spoons. Wolfson W1 continued their strong progress up from the W3 division, bumping Corpus Christi W1, and bringing themselves into sixteenth place in the second division.

The men’s second division followed, with Emmanuel M1 staying at the top of the division, unable to break into the first division for the second time, meaning that they have already rowed over four times this race. Caius M2 did better than their first team and bumped Homerton M1, setting the Homerton crew on the path to spoons. Selwyn M1 are also veering towards spoons thanks to a bump from Corpus Christi M1. The Downing M2 crew remain the only boat in the division with the chance of winning spoons after bumping for the second time, this time catching Darwin M1. Clare M2 also had a strong row, catching Queens’ M2, who are now at risk of spoons.

The eagerly awaited first women’s division came around leaving the top three boats in their original positions. Downing W1 were still unable to catch Jesus W1 who impressively held them off and retain their place as head of the river. Clare W1 however, bumped for the second time in a row, pushing Christ’s W1 down, and setting themselves up for blades should they manage to catch Newnham tomorrow. However, they are almost certainly too far down to win headship without an overbump or two in their favour. Murray Edwards W1 continued their winning streak with a bump of Pembroke W1, who, like their W2 may be getting spoons. Lady Margaret W1 however, like Murray Edward’s W1, are now in the running for blades after they bumped Churchill W1 today. Caius W1 had better luck than their M1 and were able to bump Queens’ W1 who are on track for spoons. Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W1 managed to bump Peterhouse W1, placing Peterhouse W1 right at the bottom of the table and in danger of moving down into the second division and possible receiving spoons.

The final division of the day, the men’s first division, got off to a dramatic start as the previously heads of the river Caius M1 were bumped down for the second time in a row, this time by Lady Margaret M1 who will be chasing Downing M1 tomorrow in an effort to win headship. Jesus M1 successfully bumped Pembroke M1, leaving them in fourth position and setting Pembroke M1 up for spoons. Christ’s M1 carried on their quest for blades by bumping Queens’ M1, as did Clare M1 by impressively bumping Churchill M1. Girton M1 raced well and managed to bump King’s M1 leaving them one place higher than they originally started, which in the top division is a real achievement. King’s M1 are sadly left at risk of spoons, however there are still two remaining days in which to fight their way back.