Lent Bumps 2017: Day 4 roundup

Lili Bidwell 3 March 2017

The penultimate day of bumps saw crews brave the cold and rainy weather on the cam, ready to dig deep and give it their all. The women’s third division started the day off with a dramatic race. Clare W2 bumped their way up into the second division at the expense of Corpus Christi W1 who are slipping into the third division and at risk of winning spoons. Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W2 had their second bump of the race, sending St. Edmund’s W1 further into the depths of the third division and leaving them with no chance of making their way back to the second division, in which they began. First and Third W2 bumped Murray Edwards W2, the latter crew are now sadly on their way to winning spoons. St. Catherine’s W2 and Downing W2 are the only crews in the division with the possibility of winning blades, as they bumped Darwin W2 and Clare Hall W1 respectively. King’s W2 performed well, leaving Anglia Ruskin W1 at risk of getting bumped down a fourth time tomorrow and therefore getting spoons. Caius W2 had their second bump of the race, sending a poor Newnham W3 down a place in spite of their terrific overbump yesterday. Clare W3 also managed to follow in the footsteps of their W2 crew, bumping up into the third division, their third bump in a row.

The Men’s third division followed with baited breath as the Hughes Hall M1 reached the heights of second place, bumping Emmanuel M2 down a place. First and Third M3 bumped Lady Margaret M3, leaving Robinson M2 to go for the overbump on Magdalene M2, which amazingly they managed to pull off, meaning they are well on the way to blades. Trinity Hall M2 bumped Clare Hall M1, meaning the crews involved could win blades or spoons respectively. Anglia Ruskin M1 managed to make their second bump of the race, catching Churchill M2 who are spiralling down the division as the days go on. Jesus M3 had their first well-earned bump of the race, catching Fitzwilliam M2 who are well within the clutches of the dreaded spoons after today’s race. Clare M3’s dreams of blades were crushed as they rowed over, but at the very least maintain a strong position in the third division.

The women’s second division saw Peterhouse W1 bumped down from the first division to take the top place in the division, whilst King’s W1 bumped Homerton W1 to place them right on Peterhouse W1’s tail. Fitzwilliam W1 bumped Magdalene W1 who are close to getting spoons. Darwin W1 had their second bump in a row, this time catching Robinson W1. Newnham W2 managed to bump for a third time, meaning that if they are able to catch Pembroke tomorrow they will win blades. Wolfson W1 bumped Christ’s W2 down, giving them a chance of winning blades too. And as previously mentioned, Clare W2 bumped their way up into the second division.

The men’s second division came next as the rain drizzled every now and then on the soggy spectators and bank parties. This division was rather depressing in that no crew now has any possibility of winning blades, yet four are at risk of spoons. Nevertheless this is typical of the higher divisions in which there are often fewer bumps as the difference between crews can be very slight. Moreover, the crews are more likely to be of a similar standard to those who rowed the race last year, and therefore are suitably positioned in the results table at the beginning of the competition. Wolfson M1 bumped Lady Margaret M2, their second bump of the race for this grad college. Jesus M2 managed to bump a second time as well, this time catching Homerton M1 who are sadly on their way to getting spoons. First and Third M2 also managed a second bump, sending Selwyn M1 down the table towards the horrible spoons. Clare M2 were able to catch a Darwin M1 crew, who in spite of their best efforts must escape St. Edmund’s M1 tomorrow if they want to avoid spoons. Said St. Edmund’s boat are a force to be reckoned with after their bump on Queens’ M2 today, the fourth crew in danger of winning spoons in this division. Pembroke M2 had a strong row over, keeping them in the second division.

The women’s first division continued in the same pattern as Jesus W1 had another impressive row over at headship, they only have to do this one more time in order to win head of the river for the second year running. Clare W1 are on their way to blades by bumping Newnham W1 and bringing themselves into third position, although sadly there is no way for them to win headship. First and Third W1 bumped Emmanuel W1 down, whilst Girton W1 sent Pembroke W1 down on their way to spoons. St. Catherine’s W1 successfully bumped a second time, leaving Queens’ W1 in risk of getting spoons. Trinity Hall W1 amazingly managed to make it into the first division during their third day as sandwich boat, finally catching the boat in front of them which, this time, was Peterhouse W1.

The men’s first division saw a very strong performance from Lady Margaret M1 who managed to bump up a third time and are now at the top of the division, nevertheless there is still a chance that Downing M1 could bump them back tomorrow, so the race is bound to be exciting to watch. Peterhouse M1 bumped First and Third M1, their second bump of the race pulling them up into fifth place. Robinson M1 bumped Queens’ M1 who might now get spoons, whilst Clare M1 pushed up behind them to the dismay of the bumped St. Catherine’s M1. Clare M1 are bound to be on top form tomorrow in order to ensure that they win blades. Girton M1 bumped for the second time in a row, sending Churchill M1 down another place, whilst Trinity Hall M1 bumped King’s M1, a crew who, despite starting in 13th place could very well receive spoons tomorrow.