Lent (Over-)Bumps!

Chris Hinde 25 February 2010

A stunning day at the river sees Emmanuel W1 fail to maintain the women’s headship against the determined ladies of First and Third. Meanwhile, over-bumps in the first men’s division propel both Queens M1 and Peterhouse M1 up three places in the table.

The first division battleground seldom yields an over-bump, and so yesterday’s race was truly something of a spectacle.  Queens’ M1 steadily swallowed up the open water left by an early King’s bump on Magdalene M1, giving Fitz M1 a nightmarish first day result on the Long Reach. At the foot of the division, Peterhouse M1 seized an over-bump on Christ’s M1, who now sit perilously on the division two borderline. Elsewhere, Pembroke M1 flew to an early bump on Clare M1 by First Post, giving the top three something to watch out for in the days to come.

Meanwhile, it was all change at the top of the women’s table as Queens’ W1 lost out to Christ’s W1, Downing W1 caught Jesus W1, and First and Thirds W1 stole Emmanuel’s headship.

The men’s and women’s second divisions will return today after their rest. In the men’s draw, Corpus should find consolation for being over-bumped by Downing M2 on Tuesday. They line up today against Darwin M1, a crew still reeling from an astonishingly quick bump by Pembroke M2 on the first day.

In the W2 division, the cox of Anglia Ruskin W1 will hope to forget Tuesday’s disaster where an outrageous line through Grassy Corner both cost them a bump on Pembroke W2 and gifted one to Murray Edwards W1 behind. This left Pembroke to row over the course, along with the three crews ahead of them. Magdalene W2 return today to contest the second division headship against Girton W1 after bumping Jesus W2 on Tuesday.

Lower down, Tuesday saw a near-total re-row of the women’s third division after a pile-up just past the motorway bridge. Racing recommenced after a short wait, only for a hapless Selwyn W2 to plough straight into the bank. Thankfully, the race was not disrupted again.

The lower men continue their quest for blades, with seven crews still eligible after two days’ racing. Emmanuel M3 look set to earn a permanent place in the Lents table with Tuesday’s over-bump, and a further bump on Homerton M2 yesterday, lifting them out of the bottom ten.

With three days remaining, we wait to see whether Downing, LMBC or Pembroke can mount a serious challenge on the men’s headship. If not, will First and Third hold out and scoop the top spot in both the men’s and women’s competitions? See you at the river!

Chris Hinde