Let it snow: Top ten Frozen parodies

Freya Sanders 23 May 2014

What is it about the songs from Frozen that make them so parodiable? Is it the ease with which one can find something to rhyme with ‘Go’, or the variety of rhetorical devices in ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’? In an attempt to find answers to these troubling questions – and because I was fed up of watching Hamlet the Mini Pig, great though he is – I went on a quest to the iciest corners of YouTube in an attempt to establish a definitive list of the best Frozen parodies. The fact that you’re reading this proves that your work ethic is similarly dubious, so why not join me?

1. Wed id go

Performed by soulful sisters, Maddie and Zoe Mendez, this rendition of ‘Let it Go’ is a triumph. I mean, you can tell from the moment the video begins – with its professional set-up and grave intro – that these two toddlers are going to be good. Their father does admit in the video’s description that, “This video was not made to show off my daughters' singing skills”; but, given the extent to which aforementioned daughters absolutely go for it, I have my doubts.

2. Google translate does Let it Go

This one reminds me of Year Nine German homework. We’ve all been there: after a long, hard day, you just want that description of last summer’s trip to München translated into the fine tongue in a trice. And what did we all turn to in our darkest hour? Why, Google translate of course. But the temporary glow of getting an hour-long composition done in ten minutes flat is invariably negated when said composition is returned. My teacher even had an acronym, GTF: Google Translate Fail. Or at least I think that’s what it stood for.

I don't think that's quite what Disney was going for.

I digress. It’s not just GCSEs that ‘GT’ can sabotage; it works well on songs too. For instance, after being translated into Chinese, Macedonian, French, Polish, Creole and back into English, the final chorus of ‘Let it Go’ begins, ‘Give up, give up, on the rise for radiation. Give up, give up, it runs perfect woman. Pretty deep stuff: eat your heart out, MMLers.

3. Here I go (Despair of an alto)

The market for this one is niche, but it includes me – an alto with severe soprano envy – so I thought I’d throw it in for good measure. It is essentially a slightly profane lament of the fact that Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband, when writing the hit song ‘Let it go’, impolitely, upsettingly, wantonly excluded female singers with less refined top notes from mounting the very heights of its chorus.

4. Do you wanna go to Starbucks?

This one’s super relevant for exam term. I’m currently considering staging a parody of this parody in the UL, but with ‘the tea room’ instead of ‘Starbucks’. The extra syllable might be a problem, but I’m sure we can overcome it. Auditions will be next week – anyone who doesn’t sing a Disney song won’t be considered. 

It's a well-known fact that caffeine is our only solace in exam term. Apart from Frozen, obviously.

5. Will you help me hide a body?

To say this parody underlines the darker aspects of Disney would be an understatement. But fortunately there’s no video to accompany the highly disturbing lyrics. Although the combination of psychotic reflections and a child’s voice is still pretty creepy, to be honest.

6. Do you want to be my boyfriend?

This one probably isn’t quite as creepy as number 5, but it’s arguably on a par. It wins the prize for sheer weirdness and stellar facial expressions.

7. Frozen Medley by Pentatonix

Pentatonix have been famous ever since they did that version of 'Royals', but this is much better. The bit with the fake snow is particularly good: it’s almost like being transported to the very mountain from which Elsa sings her Oscar-winning, cash-spinning ballad.

8. A very profane equivalent to Let it Go

Don’t click on the link above if you haven’t learnt the F-word yet. Or do, maybe it’s about time you filled in that important gap in your education. This parody is another great one for exam term. It’ll really empower you to work harder and do better.

I mean, this could have been shot in the UL; it's so very apt.

9. When it’s not okay to sing Let it Go

Okay this isn’t strictly a parody. Nevertheless, you may reach a point, when you’ve listened to every Frozen-related video YouTube seems to offer, at which you never, ever want to hear those five opening notes ever again in your whole life. I don’t speak from personal experience, but if you reach such a tragic state, it may be useful to dwell on situations in which ‘Let it go’ isn’t the most appropriate song to belt out.

10. Honest trailer

Definitely don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the film: for a trailer, it’s pretty replete with spoilers. Some would say it pokes gentle fun at a fundamentally harmless and in many ways spectacular animated film; others could argue that it extracts, in a bitingly satirical way, all the plot flaws and moral ambiguities of that animated film, and lays them bare rather untastefully. I suppose you can make up your own mind.


All images credited to YouTube.