Leo Shidai Liu 8 October 2007

Dear Sir,

I am a Cambridge Graduate (Fitzwilliam ‘77) and my son Alexander has just gone up to Girton to read music as a choral scholar. My wife and I picked up a copy of the September 27th edition of The Cambridge Student yesterday when we brought Alexander up, and very much enjoyed reading it when we got home. Is there an online edition that we could access from home in London?

Keep up the excellent work.

Donald L. Berman, esq.,

Chief Executive, Alberdon International

Dear Sir,

As you report, in the recent Graduate Union Presidential Election, the winning candidate was disqualified, and a complaint against that disqualification was upheld by the Junior Proctor.

The Union took the matter seriously and, after careful consideration, fully implemented the Junior Proctor’s recommendations. Having resolved the problem for the Presidential Election, the Graduate Union acted promptly and voluntarily to ensure that similar problems could not arise in future.

An Electoral Reform Committee was established to undertake a thorough review of electoral procedures, and it will publish a full report in October 2007.

Consultation on the proposed Standing Orders is under way, and the Graduate Union Council has approved the use of new rules for the upcoming Annual Election.

With new and robust electoral procedures in place and the executive assistant post filled, I am now looking forward to the Annual Election to put in place a strong and effective team to lead the Union into another successful year.

Leo Shidai Liu

Graduate Union President 2007-08