LGBT flashmob hits King’s Parade

Sandy Rushton and Amy Provan 9 February 2014

At noon today students staged a flashmob on King’s parade, as a celebration of LGBT History Month, and in solidarity with gay sufferers in Russia.

As the bells started ringing, music boomed out from near Cafe Nero and rainbow flags descended from windows above the shops on Kings Parade. Previously inconspicuous members of the crowd pulled out rainbow flags and started embracing each other. Some people were in groups, hugging and smiling and dancing about – couples and same-sex friends held hands, kissed and hugged. Couples then dissolved into the crowd as quickly as they had appeared.

The event’s organiser, Elly Smith, told The Cambridge Student: “My girlfriend and I can hold hands on the street, without fear. We feel very lucky to live in a town where people aren’t persecuted for who they love. Not everyone has this. Not everyone even knows it is possible. So I wanted to demonstrate what a tolerant world looks like, and send it to Russia as a message of hope.”

The event was part of a national LGBT History Month, whose theme this year is 'music'. Students across the country have organised events and talks to celebrate diversity and “educate out prejudice”. The next upcoming Cambridge event will be ‘A Little Gay History’: LGBT and World History, to be held at the Cambridge Union on Monday.