Running in Cambridge

Cambridge degrees are a constant exercise in finding time. With lectures, supervisions, and a vaguely functional social life to squeeze in, it's easy to let exercise slide. The last thing I want after struggling through an essay is to put my body through the same torture my brain has just faced.

For me at least, sport is the first thing I drop when I'm pushed for time, but this year, I've resolved to change that. I may still put on my trainers with a sense of mounting dread, but once I start running I remember how good it can feel. It gets me up in the morning, and kickstarts my day better than a double espresso. Achieveing something before 9 am is always a boost. On top of this, exercise is known to help relieve stress – and who at Cambridge would say no to that?

The ideal run motivates me to push myself, and takes me out of 'the Bubble' (if only for half an hour). My favouritte route starts on King's Parade. Warm up with a walk along Trinity Street, and down Bridge Street to Magdalene Bridge. Once you reach the riverside path it's quiet enough to start running. I like to follow the river: early in the morning you can watch the rowers train. Seeing other people enjoying exercise always spurs me on, and following the river you can run for just about as long as you like. Wen you're suitably exhausted, loop back and cut across Midsummer Common or Jesus Green – and you can drop into Sainsbury's on the way back to the centre for a well-deserved treat!

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