May Ball Survival 101

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May Balls, Garden Parties, Cardboard Boat Race, barbecue, bar night and running through a field of wheat; there are so much to do but we have only that much time and energy. How to power through May Week without feeling sick yet not miss out on any of the fun? Here are some tips:

Hangover cure – the key to avoid a pounding head and queasiness the morning after is prevention. Make sure you eat before you drink and alternate your drinks with water or nonalcoholic beverages to stay hydrated. You probably won't feel like eating (not to mention cooking), but you need to get calories back into your body. Eat something that's easy to digest, such as toast, cereals and fruits.

Nap – when you got so much to do, you'd feel like sleeping is such a waste of time, but you need rest to keep going. A study shows that after 17-19 hours without sleep, performance is equivalent or worse than that of alcohol intoxication. A quick 20-30 minute nap can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. If you have two May Balls back to back, you probably need more than a quick nap. Your body begins shutting down after two days without sleep and you wouldn’t want that. A four- or six-hour sleep is definitely better than none.

Detox – at the May-Week alcohol and food consumption rate, you might feel a bit sick by the end of it. After a week of indulgence, it could be a good idea to detox. Load up on liquids as water flushes out your system by keeping your kidneys, liver, colon, and lymph nodes running smoothly. Cut out refined sugars, white flour and rice, high-fat meats, dairy (other than plain, non-fat yogurt and milk), and all soda. You might not feel up to a high-intensity run or spin class, but low-level exercises such as yoga or walking are still super effective.

Well done on getting so far! Forget about your diet, you deserve a break and all the fun. Dance like there’s nobody watching; eat like there’s no tomorrow; but drink responsibly. See you out there!

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