Little Comets hit the law faculty

Katherine Fish 22 October 2009

A theatre full of first years, in the midst of their first lecture…

A cacophony of coughs, the scratching of pens, the pattering of keyboards…

Professor Virgo giving an enthusiastic introduction to the principles of the criminal law….

Suddenly, the doors at the back burst open and in rush a motley crew of floppy-haired ruffians, brandishing guitars and singing with gusto a jangly pop song that sounds like Vampire Weekend racing the Futureheads before colliding into a stack of Orange Juice records. It’s the kind of over-the-top, sanguine tune that’s perfectly suited to such lecture-crashing theatrics: catchy, laced with jaunty hooks and a little off-kilter.

Job done and they’re gone, pausing briefly to high-five a bemused Professor Virgo on their way out. The lecture resumes.

The law faculty had just witnessed an invasion by Northern monkeys Little Comets, a hyperactive quartet who, in their own words, are “a mixture of opposite-lethargy and something that has no concept of stealth”.You don’t say.

The quirky popsters specialise in melodic tunes, littered with yelping vocals, helter-skelter “oohs” and driving guitars that are guaranteed to bounce around your head for days.

You’ll either love it or hate it – when it’s as in-your-face-upbeat as this, there’s no room for middle ground.

Evidently, they certainly aren’t adverse to brash publicity stunts and guerrilla gigging.

In their native Newcastle, they’re regularly chased off the Metro – the Geordie version of the Tube – after treating unsuspecting commuters to an impromptu performance (ticket inspectors, it would seem, are less accommodating than law fellows), they’re always keen to crack out a few tunes at your house party and, if you ask nicely enough, they’ll even brighten up a day at the office with a cheeky lunchtime sing-along in the cafeteria.

Incidentally, Professor Virgo is also no stranger to such interruptions, having been previously serenaded by Fitz Barbershop on Valentine’s Day two years ago.

Whether or not the stunt was orchestrated by a group of Downing admirers requires further investigation…

Little Comets are a band who is determined to make you sit up and listen.

And you never know, they may be coming soon to a lecture near you.

Katherine Fish