Live-Blog: David Hasselhoff at the Cambridge Union!

Eddie Millett 24 May 2014

19:12 And now back to the books. I've been EDDIE MILLETT down at the Union reporting for TCS, and it's been a great pleasure. 

19:08 Hoff has been up for 36 hours pretty much straight, tanked on coffee- and so with the last question he makes straight for the exit. 

What can we draw from that? 'Always believe in yourself'…and be a big star like me (also coffee and an enviable tan help…)

Still, seeing Hoff in the flesh has been a pretty exciting way to spice up a wet May weekend!

19:07 'I have a hard time watching movies – I wanna be in them'. 

His next movie? 'Killing Hasselhoff' – but Piranha 3DD? 'Just terrible…the worst movie ever made'

19:05 America's Got Talent? 'The amount of love I got from the people was so great…and show people I was a real human being'. 

'Piers Morgan was just evil' – 'but it's an amazing job becuase you get to create stars'

18:58 Did politics ever strike you as a career?

'Haha no…I saw what happened to Shwarzenegger…no, no' 

Having said that, he tells a great story of discussing the finer points of Baywatch while out jogging with Bill Clinton (yup, another name drop…) – Hoff counts Bieber as a friend too…

18: 55 Dave's proudest moment? 'The fact that I never gave up on my dream to go to Broadway.'

It took him forty years to see his dream come true…and he had a nosebleed in his first musical number,

18:51 'You just gotta go out and do it yourself', says Hoff.

"Do you foresee a time when your films would ever be remade? Would you play a part in that?"

Hoff complains that Harvey Weinstein, biggest producer in the world, nicked his script ideas for a Knight Rider re-make. And axed him out of it. 

And that's a pretty terrible Harvey Weinstein impersonation…

18:48 'We earned it', says Hoff of his generation of stars, and he 'hates reality TV'. Sheepishly, he admits 'I did it because I worked out how to do it and make a lot of money'.

18:47 The last movie he's seen? The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Hoff bemoans the direction that many Hollywood movies have gone – 100 million budget, big name stars, billion dollar box office. 'I hate that'.

18:43 Hoff loves the instant impact of theatre; he's played Captain Hook in pantos a lot, giving us a flavour of his evil panto laugh (really not scary, but rich and deep and Hoff-like)

18:40 'What are the biggest differences between acting on stage and TV/film?', a member of the audience has asked.

18:36 'I was really a theatre rat' – Hoff played Billy Flynn, the charlatan lawyer, in London. 

I see a theme developing here…Hoff does love talking about his achievements. People are asking questions, but you wouldn't know it…

18:30 Hoff is constantly impressed by the way that Knight Rider 'affected so many people in such a positive way'. 38 Knight Rider replica cars turned up at Nuremberg last night – although sadly, Hoff has just sold his own KITT Knight Rider car on the internet…to a guy in Turkey for £150,000

18:26 Things have come full circle, Hoff reckons. His first memorable toy was a go-kart – he ended up fooling about with talking cars for a job – and recently was flown out to California to become the first man to drive Google's self-driving car. 

18:24 Sartorial update: The Hoff wears a classic open-necked black shirt, burgundy blazer, jeans and cream loafers. Still got it.

18:20 Hoff explains that the Baywatch slo-mo thang came about because they didn't quite have enough money to fill the 50 minute slot, so just slowed the beach running-shots down a bit. Genius.

18:18 He's coy about being, as he says, an 'international sex symbol at 60'. 

'Baywatch was like fluff…although there are lifeguards who do look almost as good as Pamela Anderson'

18:16 Dave is with us today back from a gig in Nuremberg with none other than RICK ASTLEY. I can't believe these two are still performing. 

He's pleased as punch to be with us today, although a bit gutted to be following Pamela Anderson onto this stage. 

18:14 The theme of Knight Rider was 'One Man can make a difference' – and that's how Hoff lives his life. As he says, he wears a ring every day that says 'see it, live it believe it'. 

18:12 The man himself has arrived. He's basically as good looking as on the TV. 

Hoff kicks off with a couple of cracking Hoff puns. The Hoff-father got a big Hoffy with Mrs Hoff etc etc

18:10 Who remembers him from that old Simpsons episode where Lisa's learning to speak? 'Can you say "Daddy". Can you say "David Hasselhoff?"

18:06 Ok now they're playing that song about how he wants you to jump in his car, which I always find really unnerving. 'Jump in my car, I wanna take you home'. Who's home isn't expressed…

16:04 Kicking off with a warmup video about the Hoff's life down here at the union, ostensibly to drum up the excitement – my man Dave on top of the Berlin Wall features heavily.

16:03 For those of you who have been living in a cultural wasteland (read: Cambridge in exam term), this mean is somewhat well known. Why, you may well ask? To begin with, he's by now a cultural icon, particularly for his roles in Baywatch (alongside Pamela Anderson, she of the red swimsuit), and Knight Rider (with the iconic-but-heavily-dated car KITT). 

17:58 Welcome to this exciting TCS live-blog. I'm back at the Union eagerly awaiting the arrival of David Hasselhoff. The big man. He's really coming. Much wow.

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